Kitronik Clippable Servo (須另購micro:bit)(行貨1年保養)



Our new clippable servo has had the standard pin header replaced with super useful crocodile clips. This allows it to be used in projects that feature other clippable connection points, such as projects utilising the Kitronik Klip Motor Driver. The 180 degree rotation servo is based on the Feetech FS90MG-CL and features metal gears, which are more reliable and hard-wearing than their plastic counterparts. The servo is rated to operate between 4.8V - 6V, which gives output Torque of between 1.8kg - 2.2kg respectively. If the clippable servo is being used in micro:bit projects, a separate power supply may be required. If you are using the Kitronik Klip Motor Driver, the power can be taken directly from the Klip motor driver board. The servo can rotate approx. 180 degrees, or approx. 90 in each direction, and it can be driven with any standard 180 degree servo code/libraries. It can be coded using the MakeCode or Python editors which makes it ideal for novice or expert level microbit projects. The servos are supplied with four horns and the associated fixings which should allow you to slot these servos into your projects with relative ease and without the need to make custom horns.